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In June of 2017, we released a roadmap for the future of the Malekai Project. At the time, we decided not to announce it from our  Stealthed platform, mostly because I was hesitant to intertwine the two projects together (if one fails, the time has to be spent extracting the surviving partner). We’ve decided, however, that this approach changes today.

Moving forward we’ll be taking the following high-level steps;

  • Creating a robust informational and educational tool for players to research Crowfall and to map out their paths in that journey.
  • Deliver theorycrafting AND content meant for newer players to Crowfall (“Guides” content).
  • Create a third site in the far-off future when Crowfall does decide it has the resources and time to introduce a game-linked API to handle it.
  • Integrate all properties we’ve created to talk to, and share data between one another.

What does this mean exactly? Crowfall is rapidly approaching a launch date and doing some quick research shows an overwhelming lack of information out there about it (despite our best efforts). What we intend to do for each of our “properties” is outlined below.

Stealthed Magazine

We are expanding the scope of Stealthed Magazine to include more accessible content, not just complicated theorycrafting, but also content designed to help educate new players about the games many intricate and intertwined systems. While targeting the high-end theorycrafting crowd was personally important, we found ourselves being asked the same basic series of questions over and over. We need to support new players in this community if we ever plan on growing an actual theorycrafting audience.

What this means in the near future is we’ll be doing more pieces like our recent, Join The Murder series. These were intended to be linked towards newer players, to help understand the concepts within the game, without going too crazy on the math side. While this does not mean we are abandoning our theorycrafting emphasis, it does mean you’ll see a mixture of content styles going forward. We believe this will benefit everyone.

In terms of intertwining content from our other properties into this site, we’ll be looking at creating mouseovers powered by The Malekai Project, to help newcomers when referring to powers, classes or disciplines or whatnot.


Since June, we shifted our audience towards Malekai.org instead of the previous Crowfall.wiki domain. As our site doesn’t operate like a traditional wiki, we felt this was too confusing and deceiving (something I strive for inside Crowfall, but not outside of it). This shift has gone over very smoothly. In the time since writing the roadmap, however, lots of things have changed. The game itself has undergone massive changes since 5.2 and we expect this pace to increase considerably. As a result, some of our topics have purposefully lain dormant.

You may have noticed that Skills and Crafting recipes still remain a “work in progress”. That’s largely because they are inside Crowfall too! As the game has advanced we’ve added other features including a very nifty Patchnotes system, which allows us to offer more detailed patch notes than the Crowfall developers have time to put together themselves. We’ve worked on cleaning up the patch notes to detail individual changes for readability and accuracy. We’ll soon be integrating official patch notes into the system as well.

The Malekai Project has quickly grown to include several contributors from the community, but we always need your help regardless if you are a developer or not. Simply marking things as “wrong” if they’ve been updated in-game is a really important community contribution that doesn’t require a high technical degree of skill (simply click the flag on the website next to an items name and it’ll let you submit a report!).

In the future, we plan on intertwining relevant articles from Stealthed directly into the Malekai system as part of a “Mentions” system. This will help the community read more about a power or a related topic if they wanted to learn more about it. Additionally, and perhaps the most difficult to accomplish is to start work on a build-sharing tool to let you share your best race/class/discipline/power combos with the world. This requires a bit more architecture on our part to support, including an account system should you want to keep those builds private. We’ll keep you updated as this application approaches readiness.

The Malekai Project

As an open source aspect of our efforts, we’ve had a lot of great feedback on our team’s discord server. If you want to join us, anyone is welcome to chime in. We’ve made all of our data publicly available in case you have your own Crowfall project you wanted to work on. We are always looking for talented front-end/back-end Javascript people, so if you want to lend a hand, the more the merrier!

We recently launched our Twitter service which live streams all dev posts made in the official Crowfall forums directly to the @stealthedMag twitter account. We feel this is an excellent way to stay on top of the forums without needing to keep track of the whole forum every day.

Similarly, we’ve nearly completed a core set of features for the Discord bot. This bot will let you or your guild stream data directly from the Malekai API into your channels. You can do super nifty things like looking up powers or disciplines right from the comfort of your chat room. We’ll also have subscriptions soon so you can enable live streams of dev posts, news articles, stealthed posts and more without needing to install random discord bots to accomplish that all.


Our third site is one that will probably not make an appearance for a good long while. We didn’t want to overwhelm the scope of Malekai.org nor feature bloat Stealthed anymore than necessary. As a result, this feels like a good place to introduce things like…

  • Campaign notices (ending/starting/sieges/battles/etc).
  • Killboard/Killtracker
  • Bounties system
  • Other fun stuff…

As these really deserve their own site, should any of this be made possible, it’ll appear on our Thievesrun site. As this is a post-launch feature, most-likely, I’m not in too much of a rush to divulge more of our plans than this.

The Future

We’ve had an awesome start on all of our fronts. Enough so that we can work towards strengthing the community with additional tools and capabilities. Intertwining all of these services is a first step towards providing you all with a robust framework for the coming soft-launch of Crowfall. We are excited to be able to pull something like this off and hope you’ll enjoy using it now and in the time to come. Thanks again for your continued support!


Started playing MMORPGs back on AOL in Neverwinter Nights Online around 1996 and has been a passionate advocate for the genre ever since. Currently an admitted Crowfall obsessed-fan; leading a Crowfall-exclusive stealth-first guild Obsidian, managing a web-magazine Stealthed (@stealthedBlog). He is also the project manager of the Malekai Project; a community-driven open-sourced API for sharing Crowfall related content.

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