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The End of Stealthed

If you’ve followed this site’s progress over the last 18 months, first off, thank you. Unfortunately, today is the culmination of a month worth of internal debating. The decision I made earlier today was that it was time to retire this blog. A few things contributed to this decision;

  • The prioritization of my work on Malekai.org and the vast amount of work remaining to be done on it
  • The realization that the written word just isn’t capable of competing with modern media approaches (twitch, youtube, etc.)
  • The launch of competing games that I am highly interested in playing competitively (MTG:Arena for starters)
  • That much of the content I have created, I can’t and won’t share. Knowledge is power in Crowfall, it’d be silly to give it away.

That last point is perhaps the least significant at this time, but the most important as I look ahead to the future of Crowfall. Do I share a potentially groundbreaking new “build” my guild discovered? Ermm nope. What about an optimal way to organize your guild to succeed? Nope. The learning curve of Crowfall is steadily becoming steeper and that means a real advantage for those who theorycraft. Sharing that knowledge removes the advantages of those who took risks, experimented, and came out with something special. I’d like to say that this was probably foreseeable when I began this project but I pushed on because I enjoyed writing and debating with so many people about that content.

What isn’t impacted by todays decision to shut down Stealthed? My priorities surrounding Malekai and the eventual Thievesrun domain we’ll launch when Crowfall’s API arrives on the scene. This just removes any pressure to work on Stealthed, just to keep a minimal level of activity. It’s clear to me (and others) that the site was on life support long before today.

I won’t be shuttering the site immediately. I’ll keep it running till the domain expires, but after that all of this will be lost to time (and the waybackmachine). Thanks for your patronage, and I’m certain I’ll run into you guys in Crowfall 😉


Started playing MMORPGs back on AOL in Neverwinter Nights Online around 1996 and has been a passionate advocate for the genre ever since. Currently an admitted Crowfall obsessed-fan; leading a Crowfall-exclusive stealth-first guild Obsidian, managing a web-magazine Stealthed (@stealthedBlog). He is also the project manager of the Malekai Project; a community-driven open-sourced API for sharing Crowfall related content.

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