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Helpful Build Tips For Gatherers

Hello all, it has been a while since I’ve put down a rune tool and decided to chat about some of the most recent changes/improvements related to Crowfall gathering. I believe in the near future the team here (editors note: it will… soon™) will be revisiting the popular The Discipline Report where builds, powers, etc are all reviewed on how they are currently impacting the gameplay within Crowfall.

What I wanted to chat about today are some changes we have seen with Discipline Stones and Passive Powers specific to gathering. So far many people have commented that the Discipline we have seen has been mostly implemented for combat, except for some relatively new gathering disciplines …. but we will dig into to this also.

To talk about the impact of certain Disciplines, I think we should quickly recap their purpose and the mechanics that they impact. For most players, Energetic Harvesting is a very important part of every gatherer’s effort and directly impacts there experience within Crowfall.  This important buff is gained when using the right Discipline and only requires you to have its passive power slotted.

Here is the Discipline Stone ‘Quarryman’ and it grants not only harvesting stats but enables the user to slot a very important passive power Empowered Quarrying

The developers at Crowfall have created choices for players, regardless of combat or gatherer or crafter, by limiting the number of passive powers a player can ‘slot’. This limit creates the very exciting need for players to design and test various builds to maximize not only their combat options but their gathering options as well!  To better understand the choice a player must make, look at my passive bar currently.

I have the following passives slotted:

The choices available to me can be seen below. Notice the passive with the group of peoples heads?  This is the leadership passive Way of the Leader and it will be a MUST HAVE for gathering (and combat) groups and for guilds to maximize their teams gathering (and combat) outcomes.

So what is your option? Do I seem more tool damage as I drop Seasoned Hand so my whole team can gather more? Do I drop Spotting and rely more on stealth or do I beg for some protection from guildmates/friends?  Don’t lose hope fellow gatherers! …. have you spent the time to test out all of the ‘minor’ Disciplines? Did you think that they all were just for combat? If so you missed a really helpful one. So what is your view on dealing with demons?

Since Gathering is now in its own tray, the active power slots and passives slots are also tied to that tray. Where many would see this as a combat Discipline, with a little bit of experimenting you can see that with Demon Pact slotted I can now keep my three passives from above and add Way of the Leader on top. I was just talking about this Discipline stone with a fellow gathering grinder named Gux, he said “Demon Pact will be a must-have for any gathering spec” and I totally agree.

Like in most builds; the more passives the better off you are

Well, this was a quick view on Passives, Disciplines and the choices players will be faced with. Start testing out some of the other Minor Discipline Stones, you might be surprised. I know I have my eye on these two as the upcoming 5.5 patch approaches.

Till next time!


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