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Guild Summit Transcripts – Part Four

What follows below is the transcripts from the 2017 Guild Summit we hosted this past weekend on the Official Crowfall Discord. The event included several participant guild leaders, all of whom contributed to the dialogue surrounding Crowfall and its guild systems. We’ve made minor syntax and formatting changes to help it read better, but the core of the content was not edited. This meeting went for 90 minutes, and to help break it up, we’ve split the summit into multiple more-digestible parts.

Question #4

What does recruiting a new player look like for your organization? What makes a player a good fit for your guild? Has Crowfall changed this process in any way?

Damebix [Winterblades]:  We’ve been recruiting for many years now and the key is to make sure a new player is the right cultural fit for our guild. Unlike many other guilds, we do not mass or zerg recruit.

Our recruitment process involves a probationary period that allows the player to have time to interact with our membership and see if they fit in. We want the recruit to feel they’re at home just as much as we want to make sure they fit well. Both parties can then make an informed decision on membership.

We’re an experienced and low drama guild, that expects members to be respectful to friends and foes. We don’t talk like teenage idiots, and the Teamspeak culture reflects that. Aside from that, we are looking for members that are passionate about something, whether that be PVP, crafting, EKs, exploring, etc.

McTan [Mithril Warhammers]: Our long-term recruitment is always very slow. We want a good mutual fit, and do not offer membership without sponsorship from a veteran and usually multiple games played together. In CF short-term I could see us recruiting other dwarf-minded players heavily, and keeping a specific eye on Lore/God based servers, where we could play all dwarf with less of a disadvantage.

We are all mature players who respect one another – many of us have been in the guild at least a decade. For new players, good senses of humor and community are key for us. We have already forged some great relationships with some players from CF alpha. Depending on game-play needs, we’ll look to join a small alliance with like-minded guilds who do not try to interfere with our guild structure.

We tend to pick up a few long-term members in every game we play, and that sustains our core.

Soulein [Hy’shen Avari]: Some of Avari’s most reliable players were poached from other guilds who grew inactive or decided to play a different game. Others (including myself) were invited to join the guild after being attacked by an Avari ganksquad. We’re always looking for people who have the emotional fortitude to face defeat with a wink and grin, or who show us skilled play when fighting against us.

Usually, I’ll interview recruits and explain our rules to them so they understand what they’re getting into. When our expectations of recruits have been made clear, we put them through an informal trial period. If they’re a good fit, they just become part of the gang after a while.

Allastair [Ascendance]: We look for community and achievement oriented players, people who understand that MMORPGs are team efforts and that pull their weight, expecting the same from others. We have social and casual members of course. Legend Gaming has been recruiting the same way for years, we refine it, but the process is the same.

Basically, players post an application, we evaluate it, check sources and claims, past guilds, schedule an interview to talk about your gaming life and explain what the community and guild are about.

The process has changed a little since Ascendance started. We reduced the application questions, some were a bit redundant and asked again in the interview, so we made sure the focus is on the spoken interview now. But these changes are not related to Crowfall.

Noc [Serrated]: It’s pretty straight forward. Standard app, follow up questions, sometimes a small talk interview. Other behind the scenes stuff. If someone wants to fit in with Serrated, they have to have a high competitive drive, without being a turd about it. Crowfall isn’t changing what guilds are or what they become, it’s riding the wave like the last 10 years of MMOs. Hell, wont surprise me if 1 account can join multiple guilds, wouldn’t that just be stupid?

Scree [Obsidian]: My own org has had open recruitment to anyone who wanted to join since Kickstarter. We just recently swapped over to a less obvious recruitment process intended to slow down the number of applicants, but also to make sure the people who plan on joining us had to work for it. Interview is standard now. Crowfall is our first guild so we are learning and watching what the community does to stay current with the trends.

Blazen [Lords of Death]: Anyone interested in joining LoD and finding out about the application process needs to just PM me on the Crowfall forums or at our guild website. LoD are hardcore PVPers first and foremost. You won’t make it past the application process if you can’t take a joke, can’t follow direction, or need your hand held. Most important of all you need to put guild before self.

Darktide [Xen of Onslaught]: Recruitment is straightforward. You head to our website at XOOHQ.com, get an account, and go to the Join Us section and put in an application for this game. If you remain in good standing with the community, it will be the only application you must do unless going for an officer or staff position. After applying, one of the game leaders will pull you in for a quick interview to make sure you know the expectations of the game, and if you agree you are in. Hopefully for a life time.

With that said, do you guys consider “meta-gaming” (aka Spies/Infiltration) a serious risk for your guild in Crowfall?

Allastair [Ascendance]: We pay attention to it of course, I think we had a few attempts already to be honest. Right now it’s a risk I keep in mind without going paranoid about it, though.

In the past it was never a problem, but we played mostly Theme Park games in LG. In those games people who joined as spies ended up doing more good than harm and stayed in the community for years sometimes. But in CF this is a different question and I am taking it more seriously.

Noc [Serrated]: Of course. I think any guild naive enough to think otherwise will be among the first to fall.

McTan [Mithril Warhammers]: Not really, if the permissions systems are thorough. I’m sure there will be spies in our guild and I’m sure we will have spies, but I would be surprised if we gave any of the spies in our guild access to anything important.

Scree [Obsidian]: The reason I ask of course, is this game parallels EVE Online fairly well and the stories from that game are now internet legend.

Damebix [Winterblades]:  Meta-game is what I thrive in. Most of my time is spent dealing with things that are happening outside of the game, and I love it. For some of us, it’s quite exciting. I think what was said earlier about the EK meta earlier ties in as well. As far as spies go, always a risk, but that can go both ways.

Can’t stress enough the importance of guild permissions. Another reason why a most robust in-game system for guilds/guild banks/etc. is important.

Soulein [Hy’shen Avari]:  If you’re mass recruiting, it’s definitely a risk. Last year, on Magicbane (a shadowbane emulator) my friends and I were able to infiltrate an enemy guild’s forums and secure their “play book”…which we promptly posted on the public forums and ridiculed thoroughly. Do not underestimate the effect a good psyop can have on the morale of an enemy guild. Wars are won when the enemy players stop logging in.

It’s easier to defend yourself from spies when you have a tightly knit community, as would be obvious.


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