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Equipping the New Player in Crowfall

Ed. Note: This is a followup to The Crowfall Crafting Infograph & Theorycraft Resource, which will have this data incorporated into it shortly after this post goes live. To ensure those who’ve read that post can get to the meat of the new numbers we ran, I’ll be posting the additions to that post as separate entries.

Our previous coverage of Crowfall crafting and gathering was a (not so) rosy picture of how long it might take a veteran maxed skilled out Gatherer to get the raw materials necessary to equip himself in quality gear. This meant an extensive amount of research into the averages of how many resources per node a player was rewarded with, the time it took to move from node to node, deposit to deposit. We came up with some average times which we assume aren’t going to change that much in the near future…

Time to Harvest:

  • a single ore node: 16 seconds
  • a single tree: 18 seconds
  • a single stone node: 16.5 seconds
  • a single animal’s hide: 167 seconds (read this for why this number is so big).

Estimated Gathering Rate (EGR)

With those numbers under our belts, we now need to look at the EGR ratings we had previously came up with. Those numbers assumed a skill-capped gatherer previously (making use of in-game potions in the pre-alpha boost your skills to cap). We are now faced with the need to come up with rates for a non-capped gatherer (i.e: a newbie who just joined the world).

A couple notes on the above image:

  • We realize the number of data points gathered here is not as substantial as anyone might like, you can thank several roaming bands of thugs and our general malaise at what seemed a pretty consistent series of numbers.
  • We did make note of the Stone difference and we believe this may simply have been an anomaly. The closeness of Wood and Ore feels more like where Stone probably will end up when we retest it with 50 data points over this weekend’s test. For the sake of moving forward despite the irregularity (we see no reason why stone would be more rare per node then any other resource at this point), we are going to use a safe average of 2.75 resources per node (including hide).
  • We did not measure hide gathering, because to be honest the servers and its current inhabitants wouldn’t allow us to.

These results change our previous EGR rating into something abysmal. I’d like to forewarn people yet again, the devs haven’t tweaked these numbers yet, so most of the information here is almost certainly going to change before launch. Don’t worry too much…. (but worry a little).

Wood, Stone and Ore EGRs = 30 second gathering and travel time / 2.75 averaged resources per node = 10.91 EGR (no skill).
Animal Hide EGR = 167 second gathering and travel time / 2.75 averaged resources per node = 60.73 EGR (no skill).

Equipping a New Player

(AKA what to expect at launch…)

The Duelist Outfitting Infograph

Our new EGRs (without skill) give us some new numbers to reflect on. Keep in mind the resource counts listed below are based on this infographic, which shows just how many resources are necessary to outfit our naked Duelist character.

Time to collect a minimal set of quality leather gear (non-basic) with no gathering skills:
(101 General Resources * 10.91 EGR (no skill)) + (76 Leather Hide * 60.73 EGR) = (1101.91 + 4615.48) / 60 = ~95 Minutes.

Time to collect a fully optional set of quality leather gear (non-basic) with no gathering skills:
(303 General Resources * 10.91 EGR ) + (364 Leather Hide * 60.73 EGR) = (3305.73 + 22105.72) / 60 = 423 minutes / 60 = ~7 Hours.

I’m going to bring back in the numbers from our previous post for easier comparisons to new readers.

Time to collect a fully optional set of quality leather gear (non-basic) with max gathering skills:
(303 General Resources * 3.75 EGR) + (364 Leather Hide * 16.7 EGR) = (1136.25 + 6078.8) / 60 = ~120 minutes.

Time to collect a minimal set of quality leather gear (non-basic) with max gathering skills:
(101 General Resources * 3.75 EGR) + (76 Leather Hide * 16.7 EGR) = (378.75 + 1269.2) = ~27 Minutes.


My eyes popped a bit when I saw these numbers. I even re-ran them a few times, just to make sure I hadn’t calculated wrong. As you can clearly see, a guild without quality gatherers and crafters is going to be enormously disadvantaged. We’ve always been told crafters will be essential. Seeing the difference in numbers, however, is staggering. A skill-capped gatherer vs a no-skilled gatherer guild will be able to make almost 3 and a half sets of full gear more.

The economic advantage gained by filling your guild with quality gatherers is only part of the equation that is Crowfall. We still don’t know what advantages are gained by using the best crafted gear pieces; they aren’t in the game yet. One patch note did indicate that additives were working now and we plan on trying to get you estimates of the advantages gained by investing time and resources into crafting and gathering.

The results speak for themselves. If you think you can just roll up into Crowfall and spend all your time training combat skills? Best of luck with that. Even the best player dies, and the inability to replace that gear will eventually be an interesting balancing mechanic. The guilds that fail to properly organize their crafting approach before launch are least likely to succeed. Best of luck…


Started playing MMORPGs back on AOL in Neverwinter Nights Online around 1996 and has been a passionate advocate for the genre ever since. Currently an admitted Crowfall obsessed-fan; leading a Crowfall-exclusive stealth-first guild Obsidian, managing a web-magazine Stealthed (@stealthedBlog). He is also the project manager of the Malekai Project; a community-driven open-sourced API for sharing Crowfall related content.

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