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The Discipline Report: Week Ending June 5th

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Discipline Report. This is going to be a regular occurring report that we put out after weekend tests. Its goal is two-fold; help new players rapidly integrate themselves into the current meta and also for the developers to see what’s getting lots of play and what isn’t.  We believe this report will prove useful to all who want a quick high-level glance at the Disciplines within Crowfall.

A few caveats; We don’t intend for this to account for every variation of race, class, and combination of other disciplines. This is meant to look at disciplines as they stand on their own. Our judges sometimes put in notes on the judging form to indicate why something was rated. We plan on letting you see these weekly forms so you can inspect the mindset behind the scores.

The way our judging and scoring system is setup is easy. I picked a selection of five active players across different guilds (I tried to get EU players involved but got zero interest). I tried to pick players with different playstyles and preferred classes and roles. These five judges submitted grade scores from our rating system for each power that they’ve played with or played against. These were then divided by the total number of responses and then rounded to the closest letter grade. It is entirely possible that some discipline scores were determined by a single judge.

Our judges include; Destrin, Facerip, Jah, Soulein and Myself (Scree)

The Stealthed Discipline Ranking Scale

This system allows for us to do things other than testing Crowfall out 24/7. It also means we rely on the expertise of our niche players in determining a grade for some disciplines. We highly suspect that these end scores will be highly contentious within the community and that’s entirely understandable.

Finally, some Disciplines are still under development and as a result, major glitches, bugs, or errors might occur (for example the unlimited RMB fiasco this weekend). We also had a selection of Disciplines that clearly weren’t implemented. These all receive an F-score to indicate this state. Unfortunately, some Disciplines also were not experimented with, and if zero judges ranked one, it would also receive an F-score.

Rankings for the Week Ending 6/5

Source Judging Sheet (Excel): Discipline Ranking


Started playing MMORPGs back on AOL in Neverwinter Nights Online around 1996 and has been a passionate advocate for the genre ever since. Currently an admitted Crowfall obsessed-fan; leading a Crowfall-exclusive stealth-first guild Obsidian, managing a web-magazine Stealthed (@stealthedBlog). He is also the project manager of the Malekai Project; a community-driven open-sourced API for sharing Crowfall related content.

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