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The Discipline Report: Week Ending 6/12

This week included some noteworthy albeit minor movement in the ratings due to the weekend patch. The changes in the patch notes this weekend included;

Patch Notes from June 8th & 9th

  • Blood Pact: Reduced the Health conversion for Pips from 1000/1 to 250/1
  • Fixed the issue with The resource multiplier for Blood Pact not working with Essence or Rage.
  • New beginner disciplines and their crafting recipes have been added: Footman, Laborer, and Apprentice which have the following functions:
    • Footman: Grants additional combat statistics and passive powers.
    • Laborer: Grants additional harvesting statistics and passive powers.
    • Apprentice: (Not yet functional but will grant crafting basics in the future)
  • Reduced damage bonus on Careless Whisper and Pound of Flesh to 15%.
  • Molehunter Heads Up: Increased the Anti-stealth granted to 50, which increases the range of the stealth detection bubble.
  • The Master of Pistols Weapon discipline Range bonus modifier now modifies Duelist Go for Broke.
  • Reduced damage reduction on Sturdy to 15%.
  • Reduced Last Resort crit chance to 25%.

In the Major Disciplines we see little movement among the top rated, few if any changes occurred to this category. Despite the nerf Careless Whisper still remains one of the highest-rated minor disciplines. Master of Focus also remained the dominant Weapon Discipline; offering up the overpowered “Mana Shield” and the useful “Nova”. Confessors get all the fun tools.

The Ratings

As always, our panel of five judges use the same rating system S+ through F for each discipline. These scores are then totaled and averaged. It is possible that some disciplines only have one or two judges ranking it. F (or zero) scores indicate the discipline is bugged, untestable, or no judges have any experience with it. At the end of the report, we’ve provided a link to the spreadsheet with some of our notes for this week’s rankings, should you chose to view it.

Ranking Excel for 6-12-17: DisciplineRanking-6-12-17

Special Note:

After this week’s report, we will begin to include the MVP or “Most Valuable Powers” for each discipline to call out in detail what is causing the discipline to earn the rating it got (in bad Disciplines, this is the strongest of what it offers). We will only include this for Major and Weapon Disciplines (minor typically only has a single power).

If you are an avid tester and would like to volunteer your time to join our judging team, please let me (@scree) know on the Crowfall Official Discord!


Started playing MMORPGs back on AOL in Neverwinter Nights Online around 1996 and has been a passionate advocate for the genre ever since. Currently an admitted Crowfall obsessed-fan; leading a Crowfall-exclusive stealth-first guild Obsidian, managing a web-magazine Stealthed (@stealthedBlog). He is also the project manager of the Malekai Project; a community-driven open-sourced API for sharing Crowfall related content.

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