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The Discipline Report: Week Ending 6-19

This week we saw a situation where few if any Disciplines were directly changed, but rather the environment as a whole was altered. The effect merited some movement on the rankings.  Due to the patch notes (relevant notes are listed below) we felt it was worth our time to put out a new ranking for the week, as well as to launch the inclusion of MVP (most valuable powers) for Majors and Weapon disciplines.

Patch Notes for June 15, 2017

  • Updated list of equipable classes for Field Surgeon crafting test recipe.
  • Master of Shields: Shield Glare Combo #2 should now blind targets.
  • Shieldbreaker: Dispel now works to remove barriers.
  • Illusionist: Updated Glamour Weapon durations and cooldowns to match standard buff durations and cooldowns. Adjustments made to tooltip to reflect these changes.
  • Increased base Hitpoints by 75% to offset the lack of advanced armor and issue with Constitution not properly incrementing pools.
  • Taste for Blood will no longer trigger from harvesting (Myrmidon).
  • Decreased the cost of Bloodied Swipe from 17 to 16 and Gore from 34 to 23 (Myrmidon).
  • Increased mana cost of Fireball abilities (Confessor).

Judges Rankings

Raw Judging Data: DisciplineRanking-6-19-17


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